Made With Love - A Tribute To My Parents
Made With Love - A Tribute To My Parents

Joy in the Journey

For my husband John and me, Joy in the Journey is about finding a balance to a healthier and fit lifestyle. As you can see from this website we have a passion for cooking and we love to eat so it is important for us to find a lifestyle and a balance that helps us enjoy the things we like and live a joyous, healthy lifestyle.  And as we get older we strive more to trim down, become stronger, more active and physically fit.  Being healthier, stronger and more physically fit also means a healthy  balanced diet, regular exercise and moderation to keep on track and reach our health and lifestyle goals. 


We are all for a healthy way to trim down with natural foods that should be part of a healthy diet, to be the man and woman of God that we were created to be and to find Joy in the Journey. 


Wishing you peace, blessings and joy in the Journey!





August 3, 2015  at 6:30 AM


WOW! Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks!! LOL so all I can say is thank goodness it is early and my neighbors could not see me rocking it out CIZE I would be the next winner on Americal's Funniest Video's!! But oh my goodness so much fun, awkward at first but Shawn T walks you through it before he has you dance dance dancing through it. I am as uncoordinated as they come, and no way got it down pat, but even impressed myself at the end when they put on the dance music and I got to bang out my "new" moves to the music! Still must have been funny as heck to watch!! And I loved the cooldown! Don't skip the cooldown, our bodies need it and I needed to do it not just for the cooldown but to realize what 31 plus pounds of weight (dropped two more pounds when I got on the scale yesterday morning) I am no longer carrying can do, I can bend and move and touch the floor like I have not done in years.......thank you Autumn and Shawn T!! It was fun, sweaty fun!


Shower, packing my lunch a day at the office and then a date with my beloved and Autumn for a Total Cardio workout and hopefully time for dinner before heading out to the Transfiguration Liturgy....if I am still standing.


Day 1 of my third round of the fix has started out great, did I want to get up when that alarm rang at 5:30 - hell no - but my feet hit the floor, some time with the Lord and then off to my dancing....... yup good start to a good day, no matter what it brings, it is always all good!!


So I have posted pictures in my "new" clothes all nice and purdy....this one is down and dirty right after my workout! Hope I will clean up well so I can face the day !!

Have a blessed and beautiful day!




August 3, 2015 5:30 AM


Crazy 8s here I come...,pushing play on my first CIZE workout!



August 1


Another 21 Day Fix Challenge group starts on Monday, August 3rd!!


This will be my third round with the 21 Day Fix. I started my first round on May 26th and to date have lost a hair shy of 30 pounds and 23 inches. It is amazing how much this program has changed my eating habits, my lifestyle and my health, much more than the number on the scale I was close to my goal after the second round with my diabetes and cholesterol which were getting out of control before I started this program. My hope when I return to the Doctors in September will be that I can come off the diabetes medication entirely and that I will continue to be grateful that because I got my scary cholesterol numbers down before I was forced to go on medication that I will never have to get on medication for the cholesterol. It is a new way of life for us, and it has been the greatest blessing. I also plan to challenge myself this round and add a second workout to my day in the way of the new CIZE program that is a dance workout with Shawn T. I am looking forward to another successful round of the 21 Day Fix as I continue on the journey and I kick it up a bit with a little dancing Shawn T style.


This challenge group is starting on August 3rd and will go for 30/45 days as there are a few people who are waiting for their 21 Fix to arrive and may be joining or starting a few days later so I will be going the full round.


It is all done through a closed online FB support group so only the members of the group can see what is being posted.

I can help you customize your health and fitness goals to meet your needs and can help you choose the best workouts to get there based on your ability level. I am here to help teach you how to plan the other meals of the day and can help you create a customized meal plan, give you recipes, snack ideas, tips, motivation and keep you accountable. Every day I post in the challenge group, your daily mindset tip or post. You check in and rate your day and read what is posted. We all keep each other accountable.


If you are thinking about making some healthy lifestyle changes of your, interested in learning more about the 21 day fix, have any questions or would like to join our Challenge Group send me a message.


Please keep us all in your prayers for a continued blessed journey.



August 1


Perfect Saturday morning breakfast! Gluten free pancakes and fresh fruit! Yummy!

July 30


I will continue to say that it is not about the scale, but it is always nice when it goes down. I have been at a standstill for the past week, but this morning was down another two pounds. I am a hair shy of 30 pounds and maybe a bit more if I go back to early May and I have lost about 23 inches. My body, although still riddled with arthritis, sciatica and neuropathy is stronger, more fit and flexible than it has been in years. I created a new habit and now both John and I are creating new habits together. We love this balance and how these changes have fit so perfectly into our lifestyle. We are more active and having fun working out together, who would have thought it, fun working out! Sometimes it is a struggle but it is always a joy! And it always feels better when it is behind us!


And as self-proclaimed foodies, lovers of rich tasty foods, cooking, entertaining and dining out we are finding a delightful balance in introducing new ingredients and recipes to our table and enjoying those things we love in moderation. Balance, good choices and grace! The journey may be ours but we don’t journey alone, there is also the support, encouragement and accountability of an amazing community.
Today, some of the people I work with commented on my weight loss, they can really see it. It is so affirming when the people you see every day notice the changes you are making and they are noticing that I am living a much healthier lifestyle.

When I started on this journey back in December I signed up as Discount Beachbody Coach, I did it to get the discount on the Shakeology which has been part of our daily nutrition plan since then. And as I shared before I got the Challenge pack and ended up getting the 21 Day Fix for an additional $10. I had lofty goals to use it, but it sat unopened for over 5 months until the serious health risks I was facing were too numerous to continue to ignore. And sometimes what seems like the scariest thing can be a motivator that can send you on the most beautiful journey.
I am moving forward every day, even when my weakness and humanness have me backsliding every now and again, that is life and I am not perfect and I don’t have to be. All I have to do is be me and I am on a journey to be the best me that I can be. This lifestyle change that we have embraced is also providing great joy and the opportunity to help others along the way to a healthier lifestyle and it is also providing us with the opportunity to build a business that gives us the freedom and flexibility to do things that we could have only dreamed about.


So our journey continues and I am excited to jump right into my third round of the 21 Day Fix with another 21 Day Fix Challenge Group starting on Monday, August 3rd.

The Challenge Group is done through a closed online facebook support group so only the members of the group can see what is being posted. One of the best parts of this journey to a healthier lifestyle is that we are there to help and support each other along the way and that makes the going easier, I know it does for me.

I can help you customize your health and fitness goals to meet your needs and can help you choose the best workouts to get there based on your ability level. I am also here if you want to help teach you how to plan the other meals of the day and can help you create a customized meal plan, give you recipes, snack ideas, tips, motivation and keep you accountable. During the challenge group, I will post your daily mindset tip or post every day. You check in and rate your day and read what is posted. Together we share our journey and we all keep each other accountable. This challenge group will focus on the 21 Day Fix nutrition and workouts as well as Shakeology.


I am also going to challenge myself by including a little CIZE in this round of my 21 Day Fix. I just received my CIZE workout program in the mail today. CIZE with Shawn T is all about dance and getting your workout through dance and it says on the welcome that you will be busy mastering all the moves, you’ll completely forget that you’re actually breaking a sweat, burning fat and calories and getting into the best shape of your life and they say the music is awesome. I can’t wait to try it and dance up some CIZE and combine it with my balanced and healthy 21 Fix Nutrition Plan. I am certain it is going to be a win win!! Or should I say lose lose !! And it will be ending in perfect time for John and I to celebrate our wedding anniversary! AND my follow up with my doctor and nutritionist to see if my lab results are good enough to get me off my diabetes medication and keep me off cholesterol meds!!


If you want to get in on the August 3rd Challenge Group let me know and I will add you to the group page.


If you are interested in joining us in a few weeks or want more information let me know.

And finally, if you want information or want to know more about coaching and the opportunity to build your own business send me a message. I am happy to share whatever I can. My coach Elizabeth has a fantastic sneak peek into coaching and I would be happy to add you to her group. I believe that she is starting one on August 3rd as well and I think has them every couple of weeks so if it resonates with you and you want more information just let me know. It would be my joy to have you join John and I on Team Joy in the Journey and help you build the business of your dreams too !


Peace, blessings and much love xoxoxo




July 29


Woo hoo!! Our new weights arrived tonight! We are ready for the Body Beast after our next round of the 21 Day Fix!!

And who knows maybe a little practice before. Working out with my beloved....... does not get better than this




July 29, 2015


This weeked we picked up farm fresh cousa, zucchini, summer squash and onions at our local farm stand and some fine looking boned and skinned chicen thighs at our local market.  I marinated the chicken in one of my spur of the moment marinades.  We grilled the chicken and the veggies that were lightly seasoned and tossed with sea salt, pepper, garlic and a spray of olive oil.  The tender tasty juicyness of the grilled chicken thighs and grilled veggies was the perfect meal for this hot summer night.  The veggies are gone but we get to enjoy chicken leftovers for lunch in a tasty wrap or salad!  


July 26, 2015


Had some time to look through the Fixate cookbook tonight and tried a recipe for a sweet treat!

Oh my goodness, it was delicious.


Had not planned to make ice cream tonight but we have started to freeze our ripe banana's and so when we came home from shopping this afternoon I had place a few of them in the freezer. We also had some strawberries that had been in refrigerator for awhile and so before they went bad, I washed, cored and froze them too so that we would have them for Shakeology.


Who knew that I would find this wonderful gem in the cookbook and get to make this delicious treat tonight!!

I did not add the almond milk. Frozen banana's and strawberries, that is it! It was smooth and creamy, definitely softer than ice cream but it still held some good texture, was not soupy and reminded us of a creamy sorbet.


The recipe makes 2 servings and is the equivalent of 1 1/2 yellow container on the 21 Day Fix.

Strawberry-Banana Ice Cream
2 Medium Ripe bananas, cut into pieces
1 cup frozen strawberries
Unsweetened almond milk (optional)

1. Place banana in plastic bag, freeze for 4 hours or until completely frozen.
2. Place banana and strawberries in blender (or food processor), cover. Blend until smooth. Add 1 to 2 Tbsp. almond milk if needed, for creamier texture.
3. Serve immediately


Try it and let me know what you think? This one is going on our favorite list! Thank you Autumn and Fixate for such a yummy and healthy treat!!



July 25, 2015


Guess what arrived in the mail today?  Autumn Calabrese's Fixate cookbook!!


I have learned that a healthy and balanced lifestyle requires a healthy mindset, exercise and good balanced nutrition in moderation.


As a foodie, non-professional chef and lover of food and cooking, it has been my goal to walk joyfully through this journey sticking to plan while eating healthy delicious food along the way.

The 21 Day Fix has been amazing and in the past two months I have experienced wonderful results in the loss of 25 pounds and the reshaping of my body, not to mention all the medical benefits to my diabetes, cholesterol and the list goes on...........which was why I started the journey in the first I have been really looking forward to getting this cookbook and I can't wait to "dig" in, literally!!


If you know anything about me, you know that I love food, I love to cook, I adore my family and I cherished my parents and the legacy they left us and that is why I created and Made With Love - A Tribute to my Parents. It was my way of honoring my parents memory and to share my love of family, faith and food.

Yes, we always come back to can take some pounds off the girl.... but she is still going to keep cooking......... good news is I am going to keep losing weight too because I hve found something that works for me, fits my lifestyle and has opened the door to a whole new way of life and a new career to boot!

I will soon be heading into my third round of the 21 Day Fix and may be adding CISE to that mix. I am waiting for it to come in and am thinking of I may mix it up with 21 Day Meal Plan and some CISE dance moves. Okay, so this girl cannot dance, but she is going to just as soon as that package comes in! I will post more on the next round of the 21 Day Fix Challenge Group and CISE later.


Do you want to dance your way to a healthier you? We can do that too! Stay tuned!


I am also going to start writing down and creating some of my own recipes for a fit and healthy new version of Made With Love and I will be adding some new treasures I have discovered on my journey to a healthier and fit lifestyle!


What do you think? Are you a foodie too? Do you want to join me on a journey to eating clean, healthy and yummy foods?


If there is enough interest I will create a Joy in the Journey Foodie Fit Club page where we can eat clean, post and share recipes and where every so often you can help me by testing out some of my new creations.............. Want to join?


If you want join my Facebook Joy in the Journey Foodie Fit Club page send me a message or an email and I will add you to the page.



July 23, 2015


Worked late to beat a deadline last night and came home to a surprise delicious dinner made by my beloved of Gluten free pasta with farm fresh zucchini, roasted garlic and our own home grown grape tomato's! Does not get any better than this!

July 20, 2015


Went on another shopping spree in my closet!!


Found a dress that I purchased over 15 years ago when I was working in Boston. I loved it on the hanger, purchased it and when I got home and attempted to try it on found that I could not get it over my head. It was way too snug and I do not like too snug at all!!


Because the dress was expensive, fully lined, well made and a really nice professional dress it survived the closet purging over the years and has remained hanging in the back of my closet.


Guess today was the day and when I went looking for something cool and comfortable to wear on this hot day I took a chance, tried it on and found room to spare!!


The beauty of this program is that the workouts help me focus on every area of my body. As much as the weight loss is great, the loss of inches is truly an amazing bonus!


Here is to making something old, new! All His grace!!


This is what 25 pounds down looks like on me today! For certain there is Joy in the Journey!


And baby steps, I am taking them, one at a time and every one is ALL GOOD!!




July 19, 2015


Week 2 of the fix we had some electrical work and home improvement projects going on at the house all week. We were up early to let the electricians in and to bed late working on projects and were navigating around construction and out of place objects, including no counter top space in the kitchen for a few days. This made for a few challenges but we made do and managed to stay on point with our healthy eating plan. Our exercise was not as good, but all the lifting and moving around and cleaning and re-arranging had us moving plenty. Not as good as our workouts, but better than spending it on the couch which was not even an option this past week.

And what a wonderful weekend! Yesterday there was the grace of reconnecting with cherished friends I have not seen in a long time, some who my beloved was able to meet for the first time. We spent a relaxing day enjoying each others company and some healthy fit approved food in the Backyard Oasis. I indulged in some MU wine. Signature! I love the indulgences we can have with the program!! It fits every day life and has brought beautiful healthy lifestyle changes and balance that are realistic and easy to stick with and follow.


This morning we got to sleep in a little later than usual and when I got on the scale I was down two more pounds for a total weight loss of over 25 pounds so far. My beloved was down 2.5 this week too!!


Our day kept getting better.....we celebrated the 11:30 AM Mass with Bishop Pedro from Peru who was here on a Mission, learned that Denny's has a lot of healthy options on the menu. Can't remember the last time we ate there, it must be many years, but our breakfast options were slim because we wanted to stick close to home and so we tried it and my egg white omlette with spinach, mushroom and swiss cheese was delicious!! On the way home we stopped off at Peter's Farm for some farm fresh veggies and fruit providing us with some fresh delicious options for tonight's supper and for week 3 of the 21 Day Fix!


We also decided that if you can't beat the oppressive heat of the day, join it!! We donned bathing suits to relax in our oasis and laid out in the sun cooling down every so often by the garden hose. Yes we are crazy kids at heart, we have a great yard to play in, why not! We had so much fun, it turned out to be a perfect plan for a relaxing afternoon on the lawn before a yummy supper of grilled ribs coated in John's cajun rub, farm fresh cucumber, tomato and red onion salad and grilled farm fresh zucchini.


We went a little off the grid for dessert with a John's special root beer float! Oh my it was so delicious, but that means that tomorrow we are right back on track , focused and ready to kick it up for week 3!!


All around a great week!! Looking forward to another busy but very blessed week! May yours be filled with blessings and grace!!




July 14, 2015


Can you have Chinese Food on the 21 Day Fix - well we did!!

We have a great place nearby that delivers and they have steamed brown rice on the menu and a host of other steamed veggies and dishes that fit right in with my meal plan!


Our kitchen is a bit cluttered as we are having some electrical outlets fixed in our 120+ year old house. While one section of the kitchen was cleared of appliances John was painting that wall as I was catching up on some things. It was getting late, heat and humidity in the house was high and we were hungry.

The conversation went something like this:

Me: honey what about Chinese Food for dinner tonight
John: YEA! ( loud, yelp of a yea, more like a scream of delight!)
Me: through my laughter as I came around the corner to a beaming John, wow you are really exited about this!
John: just looking at me with a face beaming with joy!!

Yes, my beloved was so happy, and yes, it has been awhile since we had Chinese food. Nice thing is he joined me in healthy options and we skipped the things we usually get, like those yummy delicious Fried Chicken Wings, Fried Spring Rolls, Fried Shrimp...... you get the picture!


Ahh..... more and more, I am loving the lifestyle changes that being aware and attentive to what we are fueling our bodies with brings!


And always I love the sound of delight coming from my beloved, yes even when I mention Chinese food!! It truly is the little things!


That is the good news...... the not so good news is that we ended up eating so late and being so tired that we did not do our Cardi Fix last night.


Upper fix is on the agenda tonight, we may add the 10 minute Abs or the Cardio Fix after, but we can decide that after we nail the Upper fix tonight, have I mentioned that I LOVE the upper fix!!


Guess we will see where the day and the night takes us!



July 13, 2015


Week 1 of my second round of the 21 Day Fix is done... on to Week 2!! I am loving and continuing to find joy in this beautiful journey!!


And I am finding that it is possible to have both an easy and challenging week at the same time. The good news is that I am learning more and more about myself with every challenge I face and I am finding the strength and determination I need to keep making this 21 Day a lifetime habit of a healthier lifestyle.

I did find that the doing the workouts with John during this second round was so much nicer and so much more fun, okay, exhausting and fun. I think a combination of sharing it with my beloved and also because it is my second round and since I have lost a little weight my body is more flexible. I was also able to challenge myself and use heavier weights and do less modifying in many of the workouts. And as much a I am liking the results of working out, I am always grateful after the workout is over. I don't know about you, but I am not always chomping at the bit to get off my duff and push play.........sometimes it is all I can do to dig deep, draw on some grit and pull myself away from relaxing in the gazebo, crashing on the couch or face a delayed bedtime to get in the workout and a shower................ but I/we are doing it and the end result is strengthening my body, building my endurance, giving my muscles and body more definition and my character more discipline so I/we keep pressing play!!


My food this week for the most part was also on point. I am comfortable with visual portion size so I am using the containers only when I need to. On Saturday we had some dear friends over for an afternoon and evening of making memories and I must say, I did allow myself to go off the grid a little with my carbs. John made whole wheat pizza dough and we make some yummy whole wheat magharetia pizza's on the grill with my garden fresh basil and fresh buffalo mozzarella. Unlike before, I used so much less mozzarella overall and the pizza's were still awesome with lots of cheesy goodness! I also had some whole wheat pita from Korbani's bakery, some of my yummy farro salad, AND.......drum roll............. I had two marshmallows nicely toasted while we sat around the firepit forgoing the chocolate and graham cracker, you must understand, I love smores!! But I love marshmallow more and those two toasted delights were so yummy!!! AND over the course of the day I washed the heat away and the evening around the fire pit with three, yes three Mike's Hard Lemonade's .......yup all in one day. AND I am still finding time to reach my hand over my back to pat myself for staying away from all the other sweets and the Richardson's Vanilla Ice cream that is still in my freezer.


What freedom and what grace to accept that in the day to day of this wonderful life I am going to go off the grid and that is okay! A totally new concept for me, one that I hope not to "indulge" in often enough to thwart my efforts at a healthier lifestyle but one that provides the balance I need for life in general and for my human weakness.


Sunday I was back on track and when I weighed in on Monday morning I had lost 5.6 pounds since my weigh in last Monday. Well lets not say lost it because I have no intention of finding it again, lets just say I shed 5.6 pounds of unwanted weight and that is not so bad.


All in all not a bad week. Raising a glass of water, plain no sparkle to week 2!!



July 10, 2015


I was ruminating on what an amazing difference 2 months can make!


These two months for me have brought the loss of 22 pounds, deeper faith, a heart filled with gratitude and joy, a stronger body, healthier mindset, less aches and pains from ailments and more "good" aches and some pains from awakening parts of my body long forgotten, the ability to touch my toes in a good stretch, reaching behind my back and stretching like I have not done in years, diabetes and cholesterol levels that are within close range of my goals, taking less medication to manage my health issues, a new business opportunity helping others that I never would have dreamed possible and the blessed grace of sharing this journey with my beloved and others who are on a similar path to a healthier lifestyle!


What brought on this ruminating? .......... I had an appointment with my nutritionist this morning and according to her scale I have lost 22 pounds since I was there 2 months ago! We were both really happy!


With joy in my heart and in the journey, I am reaching high! And farther than I have before, literally and figuratively!


July 6, 2015


Day 1 of Round 2 of the 21 Day fix is underway!!


It has been close to a month since the first round and although I have kept up with the eating plan with the exception of yesterday when I went a little off the grid I did pretty well in between but I was not as faithful with the exercise.

And I was little concerned leading up to today because I overdid it a bit last week and over the holiday and pulled a muscle in my back and I was in excruciating pain on Saturday night. And we had plans to cook and serve at Lazarus house on Sunday that was all grace, a blessing and a joy and I was not on my feet too much and so I took it easy yesterday to recoup as best I could. I was not feeling well when I got up this morning and so I decided to take the day today to give myself more time rest and heal my back. So glad that I listened to my body and did that!


The fix goes on and for that I am so grateful. My food today was on point and tonight my beloved and I did the total cardio fix together and I did most of the workout along with the modifier except I used the weights the whole time which I was not able to do on the first round during my first week of workouts. Doing it with John was also a great bonus! I am already feeling strong and accomplished just having done it!


Our dinner was a bit later than we would like to have it but it was delicious!! We cooked some haddock and swordfish with John's cajun seasoning on the grill and had a cucumber, grape tomato and red onion salad. Love cooking a little extra, it makes for great lunches and now I have a wonderful grilled swordfish for tomorrow's lunch!


Our goal for tomorrow is to get John some new workout clothes and to get to our workout and dinner earlier!




July 5, 2015


Had to post some pictures of a sampling of some of the healthier fare at our Fourth of July celebration. A delish Mediterranean Farro salad, Butternut squash Mac and Cheese, tri-color couscous with apples, cranberries and herbs, Mexican Salad dip with yogurt and chili mix base, Italian style potato salad and cherry peppers stuffed with sweet Italian sausage ( thank you Paula for the cherry pepper idea) they were wonderful!! We also had my mom's broccolli con penne with gluten free pasta and little mini soppresata, olive, mozzarella and tomato kabobs.


And as far as beverages goes, in addition to wine, beer, flavored selter water, soda and water we had some 21 Day Fix "Water Bar" favorites, Cucumber Water, Rosemary and Watermelon Water and Mint and Lime Water! Yummy, refreshing and healthy!!


Who wants recipes?




June 29, 2015


Love going shopping in my closet!!


I purchased this blouse about four years ago. It has hung in the closet, never worn because it was always way too tight and never quite fit.


I came downstairs this morning to a delicious Shakeology made by my beloved and I modeled my outfit for him, "new top", nope, a new me!!


I have a long way to go..... but every journey begins with the first step, how grateful and joyful to have taken that first step!


Can't wait to see what I will find in my closet next month, second round of 21 day fix here I come!!


What's in your closet?

June 29, 2015


I am planning to start a 21 Day Fix Challenge group on Monday, July 6th.


This will be my second round with the 21 Day Fix. I lost 19 pounds during the first 25 days and have maintained it for the close to 2 weeks in between. It is amazing how much this program has changed my eating habits, my lifestyle and my health, much more than the number on the scale I am close to my goals with my diabetes and cholesterol which were getting out of control before I started this program. It is a new way of life for us, and it has been the greatest blessing. My next goal is to get my lab levels down at or below my goals, lose another 19 pounds and increase my physical strength and flexibility. A smaller dress size will be a great big bonus.

This challenge group is a 21/30 day group as we may have a few people who may be joining or starting a few days later so I will be going the 30 days.


It is all done through a closed online FB support group so only the members of the group can see what is being posted.


I can help you customize your health and fitness goals to meet your needs and can help you choose the best workouts to get there based on your ability level. I am here to help teach you how to plan the other meals of the day and can help you create a customized meal plan, give you recipes, snack ideas, tips, motivation and keep you accountable. Every day I post in the challenge group, your daily mindset tip or post. You check in and rate your day and read what is posted. We all keep each other accountable.


If you are interested in learning more about the 21 day fix, have any questions or would like to join our next round starting on July 6th send me a message.


Please keep us all in your prayers for a continued blessed journey.




June 22, 2015


What a difference 21 days makes!!


A brief recap and a little update……..


A little over a month ago following some lab work, a call and letter from my doctor’s office I was told that I needed to double the diabetes medication I was already taking and to start taking the cholesterol medications that I was prescribed over a year earlier that I had never began taking.


Why? I was not doing what I needed to be doing to take better care of my health. And consequently my lab results were escalating.


My results showed that my a1c (diabetes goal) was at 8.4 when below 7.0 is normal and my previous results a year earlier was an a1c of 6.8, not only had it increased, but it did so significantly! My lab results also showed my actual blood sugar and cholesterol at high numbers. Hence the request to increase medications, exercise, eat healthy and lose weight.


At a follow up meeting with my dietician on May 6th I told her that I had the 21 day fix and was thinking of doing it. My follow up appointment with my doctor was scheduled for June 16th so my plan was to start the 21 day fix the day after Memorial Day on May 26th. I had time to prepare and plan and I made a decision to hold myself accountable and if you have been following the journey, you already know the rest!

The weight loss of 15 pounds, loss of inches and overall energy and strength I have felt is tremendous. But in tandem with that is the desire to not have to increase medications and the goal to hopefully get off all medication in the future. That is why I have been anxiously awaiting the lab results. I got them today.

My blood sugar A1c is 7.5, I am down from the high 8.4 of last month and close to my goal of below 7. My actual blood sugar is 124 down from 171 and closer to normal that should be between 65-99. My total cholesterol is 155 down from 205 and very close to my goal between 100-200. My HDL good cholesterol is 37, down from 43 and close to normal which should be between 35-86 and my LDL direct, bad cholesterol is 105.0 down from 123.0 and close to my goal of below 100. Overall this is excellent and it is only going to keep getting better!

I have been maintaining my meal plan but not doing as well on the exercise because of the rash. I need to keep pushing play and work through the heat and the issues with the rash so I can stay on track with my exercise and get out walking in between rounds of the 21 day fix which I plan to start up again in a few weeks for another go at loosing another 15 -20 pounds.


This experience not only continues to be a blessed change in our lifestyle but by sharing my story has given me the joy to witness others doing the same and achieving their goals at a healthier lifestyle. And has opened the door to another beautiful vocation in helping others. I am excited for what the future will bring!

I am coordinating my next start up with a few other people so we can do the 21 day fix together and will be creating a closed challenge group so we can encourage and share our journey with one another.


I will be posting more information as we get closer to starting up so if you have the 21 day fix and are ready for another go round and would like to join us send me a message. If your thinking about a program, have questions, want more information or if this sounds like something you would like to do let me know.


My heart is overflowing with joy, excitement, thankfulness and gratitude! This journey has only begun and already the joy is overwhelming and so much more than I ever could have hoped for!!



June 17, 2015


Well the 21 Days ended on Monday but I am still for the large part following the fix. Yesterday morning I woke up and for some reason decided to step on the scale. I was down another 1.5 pounds for a total weight loss of 12.1 pounds.


My excitement over this was only slightly tarnished by a growing skin rash that is slowly taking over my body. It is not poison ivy and thankfully not shingles either. I had my doctors appointment at 4:40 pm and went to it hoping to find out what it was and to get some relief from the pain and itch. I showed up at 4:26 pm and checked in early. Unbeknownst to me they did not check me in at all and so come 5:30 I am alone in the waiting room with the cleaning crew and no staff with a locked door to where the nurse and doctor I was still hoping was there. Finally someone came through the door and I raced for it so I could then call down an empty hall to find someone. Of all days, I am never excited to go to a doctors appointment and this day I was so excited to weigh in and have lab work scheduled AND to get some relief from this rash! Gratefully a nurse came to my aid and was horrified to think that I was in the waiting room all that time, they thought I was a no show as I had not been "checked in", thank goodness my paperwork noted that I showed up at 4:26!!

In the past I have always dreaded the scale, but I was happy to get on it last night. According to their scale I was down 15 pounds. I like that better than my 12.1.


I learned that my rash was not shingles but a skin yeast infection. Apparently sweat can cause this and it is common in diabetics. To date I have never experienced this but I tell you I don't ever want to again. I am going to have the fans blowing full steam when I exercise and stay away from doing it when the house is sweltering hot. I took some medication for it and I have a cortisone cream which I wish was helping more but time to suck that up and roll with it. At least for the next few days or until this rash goes away, yoga and lighter exercises are on my agenda.


My doctor was very pleased with my weight loss and exercise program and my progress in making these changes a part of my lifestyle. My new habit. I have been seeing my physician for almost 30 years and we have always had a wonderful rapport. I also have a wonderful Nurse Practitioner in the same practice that I see when my Doctor is not available. They both truly care and are vested in my well being. My doctor has witnessed the yo yo'ing with my weight in the past and wanted to know what it was that clicked this time and so I shared with her the same things I shared with you when I started this journey.


This truly is health driven for me. I want to live a healthy lifestyle and do my best to avoid the complications that are a part of living with diabetes. And with the more recent onset of the issues and rise my cholesterol and the continued requests to get on more medications it was a real wake up. I simply do not want to increase the medications I am already on for the diabetes and I don't want to have to take medications for cholesterol. I hate that I have to be on asthma controllers and allergy medications that are a must and can't imagine having to take more meds.


I needed to do something to change the course I was on because I know that nothing changes if nothing changes!! What is the definition of insanity? Doing the same things over and over again and expecting to get a different result.

I was finally ready for a different result and more important ready to put the time and effort into getting it!!

I have an amazing husband, a blessed life and wonderful family and friends, I want to be healthy and active and live a full and healthy lifestyle. When I began to see that that clearly, change became inevitable and so very welcome!!

As the lab was closed by the time we were done my doctor scheduled my blood and lab tests for this morning which I did before going to work. She told me she was proud of my progress and is excited to get the lab results. She also told me that Joanne ( my nurse practitioner) is going to do summersaults when she hears about this!!


If the rash was not bugging me so much I may have done summersaults all the way home myself!!


Off to serve up a yummy dinner of roast pork with roasted broccoli and cauliflower medley and roasted asparagus and sweet potato for me and white potato for my beloved.


Peace and many blessings!!!










June 15, 2015


Today is Day 21 of my 21 Day Fix!! Pinch me I still can’t believe that I did this! And that I did so well! It went by so fast and once I finally got started it was so easy to follow!


So I started this morning on the scale. When I saw that I went down I let out an audible yelp and woke up my beloved! The scale has not been my friend; I lost most of my weight at the end of the first week and have been holding at the same weight until this morning! BUT I have definitely lost inches and my body has changed and I feel that so much more than the scale. These 21 days has been a fabulous start.


As of this morning I have lost a total of 10.6 pounds. As I have said it is not about the scale. 10+ pounds is not so bad, but what is even better is that I feel so much better, stronger inside and out! I have also lost as best I can surmise because I did not take all of my measurements on day 1, a conservative 17.25 inches overall I have felt the loss of those inches in my body shape, the way my clothes fit and that I am wearing things I have not worn in years or have had in my closet and never worn because it was snug.


I was disciplined with my food plan and with exercise never missing a day, doubling up on exercises and staying the course during social events, dining out and in the day to day. I have proven to myself that I can do it! I feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment and excitement for my next round. And I know the drill now and I know what to expect.


I see my doctor tomorrow, I am excited to see all my numbers go down and I truly believe that they will be down. I will share the good news with you when I get it! With the exception of this prickly rash that is overtaking my neck and back I am feeling stronger and more flexible and able to sustain an exercise program. Yoga is on the agenda for tonight.


My plan is to start my second round with a friend who is starting her first week 2 of the fix this week and who is also planning a second round in a few weeks. We will start our second round together. In the meantime I will continue with either doing the fix workouts, elliptical or walking every day and I will continue with healthy meal planning and portion control as the norm. Although I may indulge and have a treat now and again, that treat will be an indulgence and I will go back to my healthy norm. I have formed a new habit. And I like that habit and what it is doing for me. I am also thinking of doing a three day refresh to rid my body of toxins and to jump start my next round of the 21 Day Fix.


I found a program that really works for me and I am so grateful. My long term goals are to continue with rounds of the 21 day fix until I reach a healthy and comfortable weight for me and more importantly turn around the diabetes and cholesterol. I would love to stop taking medication for my diabetes and to never start the medication that I have been avoiding for my cholesterol. Those goals I truly believe are tangible and in sight!!

Short term I am looking forward to an active, balanced and healthy summer perfecting my golf game with John on the links, relaxing and entertaining with my beloved, family and friends in the backyard oasis, working on some home improvement projects, getting to the beach and wonderful vitamin D as often as we can and making time to read the library of personal development books I downloaded.


Your support, encouragement and love is overwhelming and inspiring. It has helped to keep me focused, accountable and motivated on this journey and I am so grateful and appreciative!!


My beloved and I have embarked on a journey to a lifestyle that is so much healthier for us both. I am determined not to lose any of the ground that I have gained these past 21 days.  I have come to see and understand that this is in no way the end, but the beginning of the journey and there is much joy to be had!!


With He who helps me to do all things, I am marching onward!!




June 14, 2015


Happy Sunday! Happy Flag Day! Happy Day 20 on the Fix!!


I can’t say that I would not believe that I would get this far when I started this journey 20 days ago because I was committed to making, taking and succeeding. What I did not know was how committed I was, how dedicated I would be and how much my “habits” and my lifestyle would change. They say it takes 21 days to create a habit and having given fully and consistently these past 20 days I understand how that can happen.


Yesterday we spent the day with family celebrating our niece’s graduation from high school and her birthday. Truly a blessed day and a wonderful party. The food was great and I was able to stick to my fix and say away from all the yummy things that are not on my program. I packed my lunch bag with some cucumbers and hummus which I never even felt the need to have and some Greek yogurt with fresh strawberries. When it was time for the cake and wonderful desserts I can honestly say that I was not craving the sweets, this program has changed not only my eating habits but my mindset and that sometimes does more for me than the choices on the menu.

If I am hungry I eat, if I am not I don’t feel the need even if others are and my cravings are different, I want the fresh fruit or the healthy choice instead of something processed. But I must admit the luscious vanilla fragrance from the cupcake and cake frosting and Aunty Terri’s mandarin orange cake made we want to take a little spoon of each. But I didn’t, I pulled out my yogurt and fresh fruit and had a delight snack and was none worse for the wear!!


On the way home we stopped at a farm that has fresh organic produce and grass fed beef and meats that is down the road from John’s parents. There is nothing like organic and just picked produce and fruit and for this red meat girl, grass fed beef!


You may recall last weekend my beloved came down with a very bad case of poison ivy. When we got home I asked John to take a look at my neck and back. The good news is that he is healing well and that my rash does not seem to be poison ivy. It appears to be a prickly heat rash and it kept me up most of the night and seems to be getting worse.


I have been doing a lot of sweating with all the exercise and in the heat that is not a good thing. I don’t ever recall having anything like this and I don’t much like it. However this is just another challenge to overcome. Love Google, it is a wealth of information and today baking soda will be my best friend!!  Prickly heat rash or not, I started day 20 with the Dirty Thirty. I like this one there is only one exercise in this group that I have to modify and I like that. And I am starting to focus on counting my reps, I like that too! I am setting myself up for my second round of the 21 day fix.


I got on the scale again, it has not moved, the same 8.5 pounds. I have followed and measured the eating plan strictly and in fact have not always eaten all of my allowed foods. I have followed the exercise strictly. The water is the one piece I have not followed to a tee, some days have been better than others but I cannot say I did the 8 glasses a day, I have not. My clothes are loose; I have lost upper belly fat that is noticeable, especially in my clothes. My core is stronger and I am stronger and more flexible in general. And I am down 8.5 pounds and that is more than when I started. My mindset and our lifestyle have changed. Our food shopping has a healthier, fresher all natural focus. And my diabetes is in check. This journey was not about the number on the scale, but let’s face it; I would love to see that number going down!


I see my doctor on Tuesday. Her scale and mine are different and so I am curious to know how much I have lost since my last visit, I am hoping it is more than the 8.5. More than that, I hope she will order some blood work to check my sugar and cholesterol, I think the biggest result will be there.


But my appointment is Tuesday, this is Sunday and I am keeping my head and my focus in staying the course on this day!!! And that means that I am so looking forward to spending time and catching up with friends we have not seen in a while for a fix approved BBQ in the backyard oasis.


It is certain to be a blessed day!! Hoping and praying that yours is too!!




June 13, 2015


"Do not put boundaries on what you think you can do"


Heard that on my work out this morning and it is resonating with me today. Today is Day 19! I am so grateful that it started off strong with Cardo Fix behind me!! Woot Woot! With the exception of the mountain climbers and burpees, that I still have to modify, cuz I am just not there yet, I really like this work out a lot!!

I am also grateful for another day because I did not finish Day 18 as strong as I wanted to. I did the Pilates Fix a bit later than I had planned last night and unlike the last time I did this this workout it felt strenuous and my back and left side was in agony when I finished.


I must have moved something I should not have and pulled a muscle in my back. But I still held out hope of doing the Total Body Cardo Fix before bed. But even the wonderful Chocolate Shakeology ice cream that we had for a healthy treat did not make take the muscle spasms away. I will post the recipe for this later.

Optional or not, I really wanted to do the second workout, but common sense prevailed, my body was speaking. So instead I ended the night with a bit of stretching, motrin and a little massage from my beloved which all helped me to get some rest so I could wake up this morning to start today strong.  It was a little dicey when I got up, but not nearly as painful as last night and once I got moving I was in business. So now my morning workout is behind me, Shakeology next to fuel my body for the things I need to do this morning.


The weather is awesome, looking forward to a beautiful day with lots on the agenda and planning to end the day with one of my very favorite workouts the Upper Fix!


May you have a blessed and beautiful day too!!



June 12, 2015


So I shared about my struggle in doing the second workout yesterday and my determination in sucking it up and doing it.


Sometimes doing the right thing does not come easily……enter computer issues with viewing my DVD! For some reason, most likely other than to annoy me, windows media was having a bit of hissy fit last night and would not let me play my DVD. It was not recognizing my computer and wanted me to install something. Not exactly sure what it wanted, at that point I was exhausted, hot and ready to head to bed and our air conditioned bedroom and I was having thoughts of throwing in the towel, or maybe the computer out the window!!

But instead I asked my wonderful husband to take a look. He too was initially stumped as to what was going on and asked if I downloaded something, to be honest I could have but did not think I did. He tried to figure it out and meanwhile time is marching on and midnight is approaching. So he took the DVD out of the computer and started setting up the TV with his old MAC to play the DVD so I could do the workout. Of course there are never easy solutions, the MAC was not cooperative, the DVD was not playing video, then it played video an no audio, the mouse needed batteries and nothing seemed to be working with the exception of my beloved’s persistence and my desire against all odds to do the workout, maybe simply to beat the odds against it at this point……..see where I am going with this!


Easy choice, would have been to go to bed! Better choice was to persevere. After a bit John got the TV DVD going on the old MAC as I knew he would and I was off and running into my second workout as he moved on to fixing my computer so I could use it for my next workout!!

What did I learn? What I already know, my husband is amazing, multi-talented, my greatest blessing and gift from God, that although I may entertain thoughts of straying off course I will usually always stay the course, choose the road less traveled and stick with what I start, and that the 10 Minute Abs Fix really is just 10 minutes but it is a crazy fast and furious 10 minutes. Who knew 10 minutes could be so intense, I kept up, grunted like the big guys, modified the modifier when I had to and experienced an AB crushing workout!! I A hard won 10 minutes well spent!!


After all of this we finally got to bed sometime after 1AM.


In the end I did get in my workout. Then I wondered, was it really determination or stupidity because morning will come quickly and I know I will be dragging in the morning!! But it is Friday, the weekend is ahead and in the end I was grateful to have kept with the program and the goals that I set for myself.

This morning I adjusted my routine a bit to make up for my lack of sleep last night. My plan is to do the Pilates Fix when I get home from work, it will be a good recovery workout. And then I will do the second one before heading to bed. All is not lost today, simply adjusted. And I am feeling energized and right on point. No worse for the wear!!


I have always known that challenges are opportunities. I have been blessed to find a lot of these opportunities lately. And also to find the joy in each one, though not always easily seen, always present when my heart and mind are in the right place.


Facing a challenge, pull back, drop ten and punt!!! Goal achieved for Day 17 and so far Day 18 of the Fix!!!

Food is still on point, 18 days going strong!! I had a wonderful Fix lunch date with a delicious Mediterranean feast and delightful company!


No doubt that dinner will be delicious too and as I did not do my work out this morning and have my Shakeology I am thinking I may have it tonight in the form of that yummy ice cream that I made last night!!

The weekend is ahead, looking forward to a glorious one and hope that yours is too!!


Also wanted to share a few things that have helped me organize and plan my meals for the 21 day fix in our challenge group, posting again because it may be something helpful to you too if you are following the 21 day fix and not in the challenge group.  They are located on this site, look to the left toolbar or click on the links below:…/d…/9674997/CONTAINER+CONTENTS.docx…/21+Day+FixWeek+-+day+sheet+blank.…




June 11, 2015


Got up with not a lot of energy but that did not deter pressing play and starting my day 17 with the Lower Fix. Somehow the workout always leaves me energized.

My energy however turned to concern when I answered the door to my neighbor telling me that there was an intruder in our backyard late last night followed by police searching through our backyard for a home intruder. And to think we were inside the whole time and had no idea someone was out there and all of this was going on.

But the day must go on and this day did keeping with the fix meal plan. Preparation gets so much easier as does knowing what my portions should be. I am soaking up all that I am learning as I navigate through these 21 days. I know that this is simply my first round, I WILL be doing this again and again and again.......

It has also been amazing that I have not had cravings let along not given into them, but also that I am enjoying eating a more balanced diet, getting full quicker and satisfied with the many choices on the fix.

Tonight however I got a little sweet tooth. I should have done the second workout but instead took a 20 minute power nap thinking it would go away. Not so much, thank goodness for sweet crunch grapes a handful and bye bye sweet tooth.

But I am getting ready for my next one whenever that might be and so I made some Shakeology Raspberry and Cherry Ice Cream and tucked in our freezer. It will be a delicious and cool treat on these hot summer nights and something healthy that I can have when my beloved wants to indulge in some ice cream. I am looking forward to a small bowl and to trying different flavors and combinations over the summer.

Whoever said eating healthy is boring did not tap into their creativity or imagination and odds are they never heard of Shakeology or the 21 day fix. This program is really working for me and they have great recipe and lots of clean foods and recipes that a foodie like me can build on, make my own and enjoy.

Days 15 - 21 has a doubles option. It is optional, so far I have been doing it. Tonight I was thinking I am so tired I just need to get to bed and then I read some words of encouragement and I thought, I can do this, I have done it so far why not tonight. So up next I am pressing play for 10 Minute Fix for Abs. Now I am secretly hoping it is only 10 minutes, but thinking, NOT. Does it matter? No way, I am ALL IN!!

This program is helping me settle into a healthier lifestyle, and I am so grateful!!!





June 10, 2015


Had a tough time getting up this morning and started to talk myself out of doing my upper body fix because I was running late and exhausted. That lasted until I got my but downstairs and turned on the computer and then pressed PLAY. Amazing how much energy you get from working up a sweat. I used my new weights and both arms through the whole workout not following the modifier. There was a whole lot of grunting and breathing in and out going on but I have to say, I really love the upper body fix a lot, it is my favorite!

Had leftovers from last night for lunch and made a delicious omelet with brocolli rabe, mushrooms, onions and spinach and a touch of cheese for my dinner and made John a fritata adding potatoes to the veggie medley for him. So good!!

Day 16, can't believe I am here. I have gotten on the scale consistently for the past week. I was down .4 lbs from my first weigh in when I lost 8.1 lbs in the first week making a total of 8.5 lbs. I have been so consistent in following the food, portions sizes and doing the exercises so I can't figure why I have not lost more on the scale. But from day one it has not been about the scale. I have lost inches and some upper belly fat. I have been wearing clothes that have been in my closet for years unworn because they were too tight and did not fit well or at all.

My body is reshaping and my "jingala jongalas" yea that lovely upper arm excess is not going away but my arms have a lot more definition. And they are strong. I feel strong, I feel more compact and tighter and my core is gaining ground. I know maybe TMI. But hey I have put it all out there so why stop now!!

I still have some aches and pains, arthritis is not going to go away, neither is a bulging disk and back issues, but I am feeling so much better than I have in ages with so much more flexibility and once I get moving there is no stopping me. This alone has been more than I could have hoped for!

Up next on double day 16 workout is the Cardio Fix. And then hopefully an early night and good nights sleep, I could use one!


A little rest and a second workout!  Cardio fix done, I am soaked!! But it was good. Mountain climbers and burpees are still out of reach but still moving through them in my modified modifier and hanging tough with the rest! That I am actually doing it is totally His grace!




June 9, 2015


Started the Day 15 with the Total Body Cardio Fix. Finding some of the exercises easier and finding that with the exception of a few that I are still hard for me, I am following the group now and not the modifier and I am using my new heavier weights and that is good. Its an improvement over last week and that is good.

This week I get to push a little harder and add a second work out, the Pilates Fix. I plan to do that next if I can stay awake through the half hour. I have not been getting much sleep, to bed too late and up early. I am working on getting a better schedule together because these long days will not sustain over time.

Dinner tonight was delicious. So good to have some pasta and even better that it was gluten free and that I managed my portion size. I am loving the creativity that the Fix is bringing to meal planning. Delicious swiss chard sauteed with some garlic a drizzle of olive oil and some red pepper flakes. I added shrimp and some of the pasta water for some additional moisture and then the pasta!

It was delicious and passed the test with my beloved! He loved it! That alone makes me happy, he is easy to please because he is always so kind with whatever I make, but I get a lot of joy when he really likes something I make.

It reminds me of my dad, he loved to feed people and loved to see people enjoying his food even more.

I must confess as I am ending this post I am considering heading to bed without the Pilates..........but I am going to call upon Him whose strength I can do nothing without and push through and press PLAY!!


And that is just what I did......


Woo Hoo!!! Pressed PLAY......Pilates Fix DONE!! And to all a good night



June 8, 2015


So I used my new weights with the Dirty Thirty last night and like Autumn says in the video about how much we work the abs in that work out " You may love me now and hate me tomorrow" well hate it too strong of a word, but lets just say I was remembering her words when I woke up this morning and my abs were still sore from last nights workout.

The heavier weights did make a difference and although sore, it is that kind of good sore, not painful, just an awakening of muscles that have been underused in a very long time!! Consequently I did not want to get up, get out of bed and off to work. I wanted to stay home, nurse my sore abs and take care of my hubby who has a really bad case of poison ivy.

BUT.... I am in the process of creating a new habit over these 21 days and beyond, a good one, and alas I did not do what I wanted to do and did what I knew I needed to do!

And the delicious Coffee Shakeology that tasted just like a DD Mocha Coolata helped me start the day on the right track!! It just may be my new favorite! There were so many recipes on the beachbody recipe page I am not sure I will get to them all but this one sure is a keeper!!!

Do you take Shakeology and if you do, what is your favorite? Please share!!

Food is on track for Day 14 and Yoga Fix in on the line up for tonight..... but for now some time with my beloved in the backyard oasis!




June 8, 2015 Post relaxin in the backyard oasis


Just finished Yoga Fix.

Last week it felt awkward and I pushed through not really getting the relaxing benefit of doing yoga. Tonight having been through it before I had an idea of what was coming and I let myself go and really enjoyed the stretches and the relaxing pace.

I worked up a sweat breathing if you can imagine and my body is feeling stretched and very relaxed right now. The Yoga fix is a recovery day and tonight I am feeling that.

When I was in my teens and early to mid 20's I loved doing yoga exercises. My body was flexible and at least several times a week I would lay on the floor and do yoga, sit ups, push ups and crunches and a few floor exercises and at the end I would always easily get into a lotus position with arms and feet in full extensions, it was my routine.

I was young, average weight and flexible. Somewhere along the way I stopped the floor exercises, playing tennis and being more active. 14 days ago there is no way that I would have ever dreamed I would ever do a lotus again. I am far far far away from that right now, but with every workout I feel like it is a possibility. Not even that, oh what the feeling will be when my ample gut is not standing in my way of flipping my legs over my head and stretching out my hands and legs in opposite directions.

Okay maybe a lofty goal for a 55 year old.... naw, I just might get there..... baby steps, baby steps..... any maybe not for a few years.... I am in no hurry, this is about lifestyle change and balance and getting healthier, but I am entertaining the thought that I might be heading or perhaps inching in that direction one day at a time.

Quote from tonight workout "You change your thoughts, you change your body"

My thoughts are changing......

May you rest well, sleep in peace and wake refreshed!!



June 7, 2015


My original plan was to start Day 13 with the Dirty Thirty before heading out to mass and to a family graduation party, but we had a little change of plans and instead we started our day at Express Care. My beloved John got a horrible case of poison ivy all over his face, forehead, around his eyes, arms and generally all over from mowing and weed whacking. Thanks be to God he is doing better after a round of steroids but it is going to take a bit for him to heal and as you can imagine it is an uncomfortable situation, but he is amazing. So while he took a well needed rest I did most of my prepping for the week that I had planned to do tomorrow. I also had a chance to check out some of the beachbody recipes and make a few things. I made the spinach, strawberry and walnut salad for lunch tomorrow and the Baked Oatmeal, Banana and Berrie muffins that Lisa posted yesterday. I also made the Tri Tip Steak for supper with some broccolli rabe. The marinade for the Tri Tip was easy, we both love ginger and I used Jalepeno instead of Serrano peppers, it was tasty with a little kick. I had a few strips for dinner and am taking some to work to add to my salad tomorrow. John really liked the marinade so this recipe is a keeper. I also found a recipe for Chocolate Shakeology with Coffee. Our own version of a Coffee Coolata. French Vanilla is already brewed and waiting in the refrigerator for our morning Shakeology. I can't wait the recipe/video looked so good, can't wait to try it! Next on the agenda tonight is relaxing with my beloved and the Dirty Thirty with my new weights before bed. As Day 13 winds down, I say bring on Day 14 ! I am ready!!




June 6, 2015

Slept in a bit later than usual and then up and into the Cardio fix for my Day 12 workout, can not believe I am now past the halfway point, going by so fast!!. The mountain climbers and burpee's are a killer and I have to modify the modifier but I really like this work out too. I am finding most of them easier to do! Have had Shakeology so I have my fuel for the morning. Heading out to pick up some heavier weights and looking forward to a blessed Saturday! Hope the same for you too!!


And later that day..........

Purchased heavier weights today, I am excited to use them in my Dirty Thirty tomorrow! Also went shopping for a few things, baby spinach, kale, brocolli rabe, swish chard, pears strawberries, raspberries, watermelon and unsweetened original almond milk. Not only are we getting healthier, our refrigerator is too and our shopping sprees without all the excess is not so hard on the wallet either!!


June 5, 2015


This morning was a struggle. Woke up before the alarm and just wanted to stay in bed. I had no desire to get up and none at all to exercise. My back aches and my stomach is a bit off. But I am drawing on a power that is not my own because if I did not, I would have rolled over and gone back to sleep. In stead, I forced myself to get out of bed and into my workout clothes and to do the 30 minute workout.

Day 11 for me is a choice of Pilates Fix or Flat Ab Fix. Have not done the Flat Ab Fix so I turned it on and it was a 10 minute workout, my first thought was woo hoo 10 minutes and I am done...... I clicked it off and went back to the menu and chose the Pilates. It truly kicked my butt today. I think I might have done better last week, some of the exercises in the series I had to modify the modifier because my body is just not there yet, my gut is in the way and I have a bad back and know what I can and cannot do. Thankfully I have spent some time with a personal trainer in the past and that has been helpful in modifying. And I just keep moving, not giving up and sweating and breathing through it.

In the end, I pushed through the 30 minute workout and I know that I am more flexible and stronger than I was yesterday and even before I started. Every movement brings me further away from where I was and closer to where I want to be. And in the process I keep telling myself baby steps, baby steps......that is what it is for me, baby steps. This program is doable for me, it is going to change my life, my health and my lifestyle to a more fit and healthier me and it’s a long term program that I can live with because it is based on moderation, eating well and an active lifestyle.

I seem to focus a lot on food these days too, I have to, I have to prepare, have healthy snacks available and follow the food plan I committed to for 21 days. Today for lunch I am going to a local Mediterranean bakery to pick up some hummus (chick peas), babbaganush ( eggplant) and tabuli (parsley, tomatoes, red onion and bulgar wheat). Then I am going back to my office to make a sandwich using the hummus as my spread ( like I do with the goat cheese), adding some of the chicken that I cooked the other night and topping that with some tabuli and making a delicious healthy wrap with my Lavash bread. Then I will have these yummy things to add variety to my meals this weekend and coming week. As a foodie, I am enjoying finding the healthier, tastier side of a healthy eating program.

So baby steps it is, I keep taking them, one day at a time. I am not doing this perfectly, I am not giving up, and I am giving it my all. I made the choice to DECIDE, COMMITT, SUCCEED!

Have a blessed and glorious day and start to a wonderful weekend!!


And later that day....


I have had a craving for Pizza and been wanting to make it with the Lavash bread. It Friday and we sometimes get pizza on Friday so it was fitting that we have pizza tonight. A friend suggested that we bake the bread first to crisp it before topping which made a lot of sense. In my travels to George's bakery today I picked up some Mountain bread which is similar to the Lavash and Ezekiel breads. I heated the bread and it did crisp up which was perfect. And I made the sauce with a small can of fire roasted tomatoes, a tablespoon of tomato paste and some water, oregano, garlic powder and dried basil. Then I added some fresh basil and some fresh buffalo mozzarella. It was crisp in areas and soggy in others but it was so delicious, it totally satisfied my yen for pizza night, I was just missing the Sam Adams Cherry Wheat, but John had one for me






Want to see what I had for lunch today?

During lunch today I went to a local Mediterranean bakery. I picked up a few things to add some variety to our meals this weekend and next week and some red pepper hummus and tabuli I used to make a lavash roll up for lunch. I also cut up a small chicken breast that I cooked during the week to add to the wrap. The red pepper humus was packed with a little heat, it kind of fell apart, but boy was it good! Who says an modified eating plan has to be boring!! Not this one, that is for sure!



Also found a handy tip!

I found this suggestion on a website, love it and am using it, so I am sharing. If you are doing the 21 day fix and you have an iphone you can use your reminders to keep track of your portions, the colors are the same as the containers. Thought it was pretty cool.



June 4, 2015


Moving forward on to Day 10 and I almost crushed my Lower Fix this morning. Like last night with the Upper Fix I am following the group and not the modifier with the exception of a two or three exercises that I still have not got down, but I am pushing through them and doing my best.

I am halfway through and this weekend will be getting a heavier set of weights. I am always glad when the workout is behind me and I have the rest of the day because I have the rest of the day to throw a little more exercise in there. The board in the Upper Fix last night read "It dosen't get easier, you get better", I am taking that motto with me today!

Have an amazing day!!





June 3, 2015


I am learning to listen to my body and to slow down and get rest when I need to. I was up into the early hours of he morning last night working on a project. I had not eaten my snack and was hungry and so at 11:30 pm which was too late I had my snack, but instead of having one purple container of watermelon I had two and a half totally over indulging in the watermelon while I sat at the computer working. Guess I am learning first hand what I should not be doing.

But I am also learning to listen to my body and to slow down when I need to and get the rest I need when I need it. Today was one of those days and I needed the rest and that is what I did. And I am grateful, because of it I am feeling strong and full of purpose.

I have been much more diligent in checking my blood levels which until yesterday were still relatively high. I tested myself around noon today before eating and my level was so much lower than it has ever been. Not only am I seeing the results in my body externally, I am now seeing them internally which is one of the reasons I knew I needed to make this change in my life.

SO....Day 9 and the 21 Day Fix is becoming a habit, one that I am actually enjoying as I see and feel my body inside and out responding to the exercise and the healthy food plan. Yesterday was also a reminder that I need to pay more attention to getting to bed earlier and getting a good nights rest.

I am also enjoying preparing foods like couscous and quinoa that we did not have often in our meal plan. And I think that John is enjoying the variety as well. Last night we had a delicious poached salmon with couscous and cabbage.

Today for lunch I had my new favorite, turkey sandwich with goat cheese, roasted red peppers, kalamata olives and basil on Lavash bread. And I will soon be making a pizza with the Lavash bread. I took a picture of my sandwich before I rolled it and thought it would make a yummy pizza if I put it in the oven just as it was. Imagine a light sauce, fresh basil and some buffalo mozzarella. Yes, we may be keeping Friday as pizza night, Lavash style. I will keep you posted. And dinner tonight was fresh herb and lemon chicken with quinoa and roasted brocolli and cauliflower.

The variety of food that is allowed on the 21 Day Fix and the measuring of the portions have been such a blessing. Although I prefer to do my exercise in the morning I will be doing my Upper fix right after this post..... can't even believe that I am looking forward to it! Here goes nothing!! And hopefully with it a few more pounds





June 2, 2015

" Strength does not come from what you can do. It comes from doing what you thought you can't do"

I heard that from Autumn in the 21 day fix Total Cardio Workout this morning. Somehow I must have missed it last week, or maybe this morning I was more focused. But it resonated with me as I was pushing through the workout.

I would never have believed that I would be doing this, let alone sticking with it and dare I say thriving. But it is really feeling good. This mornings routine there were a few areas where I had to modify the modifier but I am still pushing through and moving and I am starting to feel more comfortable with the routines and even reaching and stretching a little farther than I did last week. So for me that is progress.

I just keep showing up and I know it is all grace that is pulling me through!!

I have a wonderful healthy fix approved lunch and snacks and a delicious Salmon dinner planned for tonight with my beloved!

I may even pick up some time on the eliptical tonight before dinner, but this week I won't let the Salmon dry out while I use the oven timer as my exercise timer like I did last week. I cook the salmon in parchment with lemon and herbs and it is always so nice and moist, but last week I got caught up on the eliptical and let it cook longer thank I should have. My beloved of course says it was delicious, he is so kind, it was dry and overcooked. I am shooting for moist and perfectly cooked tonight!!

Have a blessed and glorious day!



June 1, 2015

Day 7 of the 21 day fix. Wow!  I have made it a week, excercising every day and following the food plan.  I have not yet exercised for today but will be doing the Yoga Fix tonight.  I was out the door this morning with little time to spare and although I prefer to exercise in the morning I was looking forward to doing the yoga fix tonight.  Burnt out on salads I made a sandwich with the Lavash Bread for lunch today.  It was absolutly delicious.  I am so glad a made a two sandwichs yesterday because it made preparing lunch for tomorrow easy.  And it was delish! It has been a busy day but a great one knowing that I am on track and a full week into the fix with two more to go!  And it really has not been difficult at all.   If you get a chance check out my website I have made some updates to the Joy in the Journey tab and created pages with information on Shakeology and the 21 day fix. I also uploaded some things I created to help me through the fix.  A daily containter tally sheet and a food list that I use to shop and prepare meals.  Looking forward to starting week two in the morning!!




May 31, 2015

Want an alternative to salads.  Use Wheat, Oat, Flax Seed Lavash Bread or pita if you like.  The Lavash bread is big so I cut it in half so I could make two sandwiches one for tomorrow and one for Tuesday.  I took a small dollop of goat cheese, actually less that what would fit into the blue container and spread it over the half of the bread.  I took a couple of slices of turkey and folded them into the red container to make sure they would fit, I was able to use three slices and I laid the turkey over the goat cheese.  I then spread some plain roasted red peppers over the turkey. You can look up my roasted red pepper recipe to see how I do my peppers, the difference is this time I did not add anything to them, I just roasted them and peeled them and put them in a container so I can add them to my meals for the week.  I then pitted 6 calamata olives and placed them over the roasted peppers and then added some fresh parsley. Rolled it up and cut it half.  And then made another with the other half of the bread.  I like goat cheese so I am looking forward to seeing how it tastes tomorrow.  But now I have a new go to when I dont want a salad and I can switch up the cheese for any of the other fix approved cheeses or spread hummus which is a delicious accompanyment to turkey.  I will most likely try that later this week or next.  Making the sandwich with the hummus, turkey and a tabuli like salad with red onion, parsley and tomatoesmixed with  a little olive oil and lemon....... the variations and the posiblities are endless, switch out the turkey for sliced rotissiere chicken or grilled chicken, roasted pork....a new plan for leftovers besides adding to salads.  I will let you know if I like it tomorrow!!  


May 31, 2015

Still on day 6.  After mass we ended up going  out to breakfast.  I had an egg white omlete loaded with vegetables, some fruit salad and turkey sausage.  It was delicious and I could not finish it all.  When we got home I spent a few hours preparing lunch for tomorrow and getting meals ready for the week.  It takes preparation but the time spent is well worth it.  I  needed a break from salads so this week I plan to have a lot of grilled veggies and to make some sandwiches.  I picked up some Wheat, Oat and Flax Seed Lavasha bread and some baked turkey and made what I think is going to be a delicious sandwich for tomorrow.  I also made a fruit salad, roasted some veggies and made an overnight oatmeal.  Lunch packed and in the fridge  I finally got to the Dirty Thirty!  That was 30 minutes of moving and I even challenged myself on a few of the exercises not following the modifier.  It still kicked my butt, but it is all good!! 


May 31, 2015

So I did say this is not about "weight" and about getting fit and healthy, but this morning I am a little giddy about the "weight" I got on the scale and have lost 8.1 pounds since I weighted myself on Monday in preparation for starting the Fix on Tuesday. So I am into Day 6 of the 21 Day Fix and I have lost 8.1 pounds! So here is what I have learned this far.......

I am stronger than my excuses and I can do more than I dream possible. I also know that nothing I do is under my own steam for I draw all of my strength from God......

I have found a program that works for me. I love that it is all spelled out for me. It is not easy, it takes work to prepare and plan. BUT the time spent doing that sets me up for success, I have go to healthy snacks, I am not going hungry and filling that "space" with unhealthy choices and I am eating what I like and not feeling deprived in any way and for me that is key. Deny me what I want and I will eventually go for that and so much more before I get to it. The grace here is that there is nothing that I am craving and I credit that to the Shakeology.

This program is flexible, not ridged. I like flexible, yesterday I ate out and was able to stay right within my fix and enjoyed every bite and it filled me up. Then last night we went to a party with wonderful friends, our hosts, lovingly welcoming us into their beautiful home we were surrounded by wonderful friends, great wine and amazing food with so very many many healthy choices helping me to stay on track and I was able to have a fix splurge and had a half a glass of delicious Martin Ulisse Merlot! And I still woke up this morning to an 8.1 weight loss..... I have learned that I got this, I can do this and I am taking control over food instead of it over me..... That has been my challenge!

I have also learned that I need to listen to my body.... what I have not shared before but am now putting out there is that was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes almost two years ago and have been dealing with some neuropathy in my feet and more recently have cholesterol issues. I have been on medication for the diabetes and at one point had gotten my Ac1 down to 6.8. The Ac1 is a test that monitors the average of blood sugar and for those with diabetes it is suggested to keep this under 7. Mine was above 8 and with diet, medication and NO exercise I managed it and got it down to 6.8 but then I got cocky and stopped watching as closely and recently shot back up as did my cholesterol and my weight. I have been working with a dietician and told her that have been on the Shakeology since December which is helping my energy and cravings but I have not been exercising regularly and had the 21 day fix, that was over a month ago and we made a plan for me to start on May 26th as my follow up Doctors appointment is in mid-June. I also had a lot of blood work done that day and got a call and letter from the Doctor to up my diabetes medication and to start taking the cholesterol medication that was prescribed last year that I had yet to start taking. I also have arthritis in my back and spine, sciatica, lower back and neck pain from a bulging disk that I have managed for many many years with on/off physical therapy and on occasion cortisone shots early on avoiding surgery. I have not actively been treated for it lately because I have come to the place that it is what it is and I am not having surgery. I need to get moving, strengthen my core that has worked in the past. Problem is I have not gotten moving for any consistent period of time, I do well and then I stop. I have also for the past several years have had on again/ off again sometimes very severe vertigo. The most recent bout has subsided as I suspect the crystals have moved back into place, again I opted out of treatment preferring to let time work it out. And thanks be to God it seems to have passed for the time being and I am most grateful. And lastly I was diagnosed with sleep apnea, after a year plus of fighting it I finally got the machine and then came almost another year of having and not using it, I am much better at using it but still have my issues, mostly because of my asthma, allergies and breathing issues, but when I do use the CPAP it helps a lot and I am so much better at it and getting better every day, now not avoiding something that I know truly does help. All in all I have not been as active as I should be and the times in between when I was not physically able to do the exercise, I could have gotten started on a better eating plan and walking to lose some weight which may have helped; instead I stayed stuck and did nothing. I have dealt with the sleep apnea unknowingly for years and the back issues for even longer. The trigger for me should have been the diabetes but I thought I had that managed and then came the cholesterol......... and with this more pills.

SO I am out of the clouds and into the clear blue sky and I am taking charge of the direction I want my life to go. I have an amazing husband and family and I want to be around and not just around, I want to be as healthy as I can be. That for me does not mean skinny, which is not where I am headed, I am headed for the body that my body should be. The one that was intended for me before I allowed difficult events in my life to move food from the wonderful purpose my parents raised us to enjoy in abondanza moderation with familia to become my every comfort to fill the voids. There are no voids to fill and yet there is a body with years of filling and stuffing that needs to be reshaped into the healthy spiritual woman of God that I was created to be. I am in a blessed place, surrounded by grace and my eyes are wide open to shift I need to make to get there.

I am a new creation and this new creation is looking forward to bringing back the Linda that loved to play tennis, horseback ride, snow ski, do yoga exercises and was much more active. I took a golf lesson when I was younger and never did much although I am from a family of golfer. Now my beloved is a golfer and I am really getting into it too, so I see new challenges and paths ahead and to think this crave for activity all started with a little 21 day fix and a heavy dose of reality in the work I need to do to live a healthier lifestyle.......

So it’s all out there...... sorry for the long post but I figured I would bare it all, if you are joining me for the journey you should know why I am here and where I am headed.

I will be adding this daily blog to a Joy in the Journey tab in my website You may think when you see the site, all this rich food and she is blogging too about Shakeology and 21 day fix? Yes, it is who I am; I am about love, family and food and the wonderful experiences and memories that we create around the table with those we love. This for me is a new adventure to bring the two together for a healthy lifestyle that embraces and fits my life and every aspect of it.

Today my workout is the Dirty Thirty, I had planned to do it before Mass but this blog was longer than I anticipated when I started out... so I know Dirty Thirty, Mass, Shakeology and delicious fix food and maybe some planting that I did not get to this week and my food planning for the week is on the agenda, just maybe not in that order.

Have a blessed and glorious Sunday!!!

May 30, 2015

Started Day 5 with the Cardio Fix. Thirty minutes of pure challenge and I pushed through every minute. I had to modify the modifiers Mountain Climbers and Burpees but I did them and never stopped moving and again the time flew by!! My beloved made a delicious Strawberry Shakeology and so I am feeling energized and fueled. We are finally breaking out the golf clubs. They were underused last summer hoping to get out more this year and so we are looking forward to a great morning outside in this beautiful weather! May even follow that by a late breakfast out and fix approved egg white omelet loaded with veggies. The day and the possibilities are endless!! Have a blessed day!!

May 29, 2015

Day 4 started with the Pilates Fix, wow, have not worked some of these muscles in forever, it was challenging but so good to stick with it and push through, I am most grateful for the modifier in the videos!!

Although this is about getting more fit, healthy and eating better I did get on the scale and to my amazement have lost 3 pounds since I weighted myself on Monday morning. It feels good and even better because I notice it in my clothes and in the increased strength and flexibility of my body. I have also noticed a significant decrease in cravings, most especially for sweets. Dinner last night was a delicious roast pork loin, roasted veggies and 1/2 sweet potato, we ate late so I skipped the snack and was so satisfied it did not even phase me when John was eating a couple of chocolate chip cookies for dessert. I am sure that temptation will look my way now and again, but I am confident I will make the right choices and when I decide to splurge and I know that I will it won’t be the end of the world because I know how to get right back on track. For now only fix approved splurging is on the agenda as I plan to have a nice glass of vino this weekend! I am keeping the splurging under control because I really want to give this all I have.

And that also means more prepping and planning and finding new menu ideas. So if you have any great lunch ideas please send them my way as I have come to an impasse on salads and they have been a big part of my diet lately. However I am burnt out on salads, they are easy to prep for lunch but I am done with lettuce and mixed greens and could not even force myself to eat it yesterday at lunch instead I ate every else I had put in the salad but the lettuce.

For lunch today I had roasted veggies, broccoli, carrots, brussel sprouts and peppers. I also brought tuna but most of the veggies filled me and so the tuna is still in my lunch bag.

This weekend I will make some non-salad alternatives for lunch next week and better plan our suppers so we don't have any late night meals, we had a couple this week. I am learning as I go.

I also know that keeping to a routine during the week is easy because of work and that weekends tend to have less of a structure for us. And that is okay, because it is all good! The Fix food plan and exercise will continue to factor into every day. And There is more time for outside activities like walking the links and getting in some golf with my beloved!

Only day 4, still wading my way through the waters day at a time!! With a heart filled with gratitude that I am still on the journey and finding the joy!!

Thank you God for keeping me strong and focused and for doing for me that which I cannot do for myself!! And thank you for sharing in the journey, your encouragement, prayers and support touches my heart, lifts my soul and motivates my spirit





May 28, 2015

Lower body Fix workout this morning! Whew can't even believe I am doing it! I also can't believe that I got on the elliptical last night for a second round of exercise yesterday, never got to the planting but I did exercise again so it is all good. Day 3 and I am on track with the fix food plan, showing up for the workouts and pushing through. Doing the best I can do and then a little more, baby steps, one day at a time. It has been a struggle getting through the workouts but it sure is rewarding to push through it AND a big AND, I am so focused on following the program and getting through it that the time is up before I even know it! That is awesome and then I am left with a feeling of awe and accomplishment and a body that is burning and feeling just a tad bit stronger.....I am liking it! Off to have a blessed and glorious day and pray the same for you too!

May 27, 2015

Started day 2 of the 21 day fix with my Upper Body Fix workout! I can't believe that I am actually getting down and doing it and pushing through it. This workout seemed easier than yesterday’s total cardio fix or perhaps because it was first thing in the morning I had more energy than after a day’s work. Whatever it was, it was good and I feel strong and ready to face the day and I love having the workout behind me. Makes me kind of want to do another tonight and who knows maybe I will get on the elliptical or do another fix workout when I get home. Yesterday I prepared a delicious, hearty and healthy breakfast, lunch and snacks for today and so I am armed for success. I am amazed at how much food you can eat on this plan, I made it through the day yesterday with containers in most categories to spare and that was not intentional. I was satisfied and did not feel the need for more food just to use up all the food I was allowed, and what I ate was healthy and satisfying. Tonight my plan includes a trip to the hairdresser, planting some flowers, a yummy salmon dinner, time with my beloved and another workout or exercise, maybe even a walk. I like the plan and for now I am going with it! Baby steps day at a time. Hello day 2!!

May 26, 2015

Day 1 of the 21 day fix is turning out great so far. Having my breakfast, lunch and snacks all planned out and pre-made was great. The overnight oats with blueberries was delicious and my salad with tuna was filling and satisfying. I stayed true to the fix and for the first time ever measured my oil and since my favorite dressing is olive oil and lemon I added extra lemon to give it some zing and it was great! I came home to my beloved full of energy and set right in to prepping my breakfast, lunch and snacks for tomorrow. And with some trepidation and a little excitement did the total body cardio fix......I followed the modifier and pushed through it even when I wanted to totally stop. It feels great to have the workout behind me. Now off to make a fix approved delicious dinner and spend time with my beloved, the night is young !

May 25, 2015

Guess you could call this my accountability blog! I purchased a BeachBody Challenge pack in December. It came with the Shakeology and the 21 Day Fix. Since then, John and I have been faithfully enjoying our Shakeology every day! And I have mostly avoided doing anything with the 21 Day Fix. In March I spent hours upon hours on youtube watching a myriad of videos on how people prepare and go about the program and I have read countless success stories on FB from friends and friends of friends and in Team Drop the Cookie groups. I researched, organized and planned to do it soon. Then came some follow up blood work about a month ago and a wake up call to do more than research. So the plan was set in motion to start on Tuesday, May 26th. And low and behold, I am sticking to that plan. What has helped tremendously is that I love love love the Shakeology and that has given my body great nutrients and vitamins and helped curb my appetite. You can ask those I work with, my snacking during the day has changed dramatically since I have been on Shakeology. And although we continue to dine out and in and enjoy rich delicious foods like making homemade pasta's and breads, these habits too are taking a healthier turn. It is all good! In moderation that is! For me since Shakeology the cravings are less and I have more energy and it has been a great boost to my immune system during the flu season. And now that I am feeling a little less bulky I am working on getting more active, or we, I should say are working on getting more active. I am feeling better than I have in awhile and looking forward to trying this challenge. I also love that the eating plan with the 21 day fix comes with a great exercise plan, I did scope that out already and even have done it a few times. They have a modifier which is great for me. I am rusty not having been to the gym or worked out seriously in a long time. But I am looking forward to following the exercise plan and getting back on my eliptical which in the past I grew to love. I also took some before pictures earlier this morning after I got off the scale......yea, none of that is getting posted yet, I am stepping out of my comfort zone in baby steps....... I am on the slow and steady course, not running a race, not looking to drop major major weight. Stronger, healthier, fit and balanced is where I am headed. And if a slender me comes with it, I won't turn it away!! And above all things, I am choosing to find Joy in the Journey!!

May 25, 2015

Bring on the 21 day fix! Fresh veggies and fruits all washed, prepped and prepared for the week and my breakfast, snacks and lunch all ready for tomorrow!

"So faith, hope, love abide, these three, but the greatest of these is love."

1 Corinthians 13:13






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